23 on the Job at Coverstar Structures….

Cover Star Structures is a leading manufacture of modular dome shelters in B.C. With a need to separate the welding area from the curtain finishing area a strip door curtain was installed on a 13′ W X 14′ H opening to reduce dust…


Quick Seal Doors Increase Ifficiency at VanWhole

High Speed Door

Quick Seal High Speed Doors installed at Van Whole Produce….Help improve temperature control….. Van Whole Produce is one of Western Canada’s leading produce wholesaler, with a network of over 600 growers from 40 countries, Van-Whole Produce brings over 400 varieties of fresh produce…

21 to sponsor JDB race team….

Blair on Ski Door

Strip has been contacted by the parents of Blair Tischaefer for a sponsorship opportunity in the Great Northwestern Snowcross Series ( Free Style Ski Doo ) ….Strip Curtains (stripdoor) will be installed into the trailer to provide temperature control throughout the circuit……


Strip Door that Works ! by the Goat Spot…

Strip Curtains protect animals…as per thread from the Goat Spot… ” Hi All, My DH installed a strip door for our goats leading out to their pasture. These are the type used in large walk in freezers. The strips are clear and are…


So what is the difference between Ribbed PVC Strips and Smooth Strips…?

Ribbed PVC Strips for doors are common in high traffic applications. The ribs on the strip are off-set on 2” centers and exhibit an extrusion that projects out from the strip approximately ¼”.  These extrusions act as a buffer when machines hit the…


So How do you order a Strip Door ?? What to consider….

Strip Doors or Strip Curtains are common in hundreds of different applications from pet doors to exhaust hood enclosures to truck applications and most commonly cooler and freezer doors. So strip offers various types of mounts which include sliding and fixed systems to…


College will save nearly $5,000 on its electrical bill with the installation of strip curtains….

Often customers inquire on how much strip doors can save them in the near term. It is difficult fo us at to advise as to the exact savings since there are various variables that need to be considered. However savings are realized…


New Energy Act in Vancouver will take affect in July and will include many product incentives to help curb power use….Great for Retro-fits !

New Energy Act Calls fro Power Conservation. Good article on B.C. Hydro’s plans to conserve hydro thru electronic metering ( smart meters ), and Additional product incentives available for businesses. See article at : There are over 8000 Current Product Incentives for…


Energy and Securty Act makes Strip Curtains madatory for new construction of walk in coolers ….

Did you know that strip doors are an economical way to seal a door and coserve hydro. In fact many hydro authorities have been offering strip door rebates for quite some time as an incentive to install them. As of January 1, 2009…


Premier Manufacturer of Strip Doors and Strip Curtains and Distributor of PVC Stock Rolls., a fully owned subsidiary of Panamerica Trade, is the premier distributor of roll stock and manufacturer of custom strip curtains and strip door kits. Strip manufactures strip curtains from individual strips of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) custom fitted to doorway sizes. They…